Building Your Catastrophe Risk Practice

We offer advisory services for the insurance industry and related fields, serving insurers, reinsurers, producers, intermediaries, related data and support service providers, and Insurtech initiatives. 

We develop practical solutions across the cat risk practice spectrum:

  • Data development 
  • Accumulation management
  • Catastrophe modeling
  • Underwriting applications
  • Portfolio risk assessment 
  • Risk transfer and business planning


There are no shortcuts in catastrophe risk management. 

Effective practices deliver mission-critical risk information to operational stakeholders. Excellent practices complement technical capability with respect for the uncertainty inherent to cat risk: quantification without qualification limits end-user understanding and decision-making. 

Addressing these challenges is different for every company, depending on the nature of your business, resources, risk management priorities, and market dynamics. Our goal is to help you build a durable and innovative practice mindful of these parameters and influences to achieve your objectives: your practice for your business.



Recognized leadership in catastrophe risk management strategy, operations, and information development and application, with experience serving multiple markets around the globe. 

Over 35 years’ experience in the insurance/reinsurance/risk management disciplines across the value chain: production, underwriting, product design, portfolio risk management, risk transfer.

Over 30 years’ experience in catastrophe modeling, including product and process design, process execution, education, and solution delivery.


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